Barney by Daniel Cory / Made for you Auntie Nick

My names Daniel and Barney was mine and my aunties dog, but in 2006 he fell asleep under the operation table when they injected the needle to put him to sleep. He fell asleep gradually. As when I came to the bus I sensed I knew he wasn’t there waiting for me. I think of him alot because after I lost him I lost my two guinea pigs to the heat in summer of 2006. He was a great dog. I grew up with him when we were little and he was a puppy. My old dog Cassie who died in 1997, she looked after us both all the time. I miss them. All I wish I could of gave my life to all my animals that have passed away and let them live longer so I can look down on my auntie and all of my animals because I would have been gone as well. I nearly died in a car crash. I don’t know why but I know they are all there looking down on me and my auntie.


Thanks for reading,
Daniel Cory