Barney by Emily / Your real family

I was 4 when I got my first ever dog. I named him Barney and he was a beutiful golden retriever. My mother and father purchased him at a dog show. He cost them 700euro but to me he was worth it. I remeber when we my sister, my dad, my mam and I brought him to my granny’s house. I always remember her saying that there’s something wrong with that dog bring hime back he doesn’t look happy.
I wish we should have listened to her.

When my dad went into work one day my mam of course was minding us in the house. At around 5 o clock one evening while my dad was in work and my mam was in the shower my sister and I was down stairs with Barney. I was brushing him and my sister was playing with a ball. She threw the ball and it hit me. She went to get the ball but accidentally she stood on Barney’s tail.

Within a few seconds Barney turned around and grabbed her by the arm she screamed out crying and I ran away screaming mam; she ran downstairs and when she saw my sister she put Barney out the back. My mam rang the ambulance and my sister got twelve sticthes in her arm. She still had the scar. The following day my dad and I went back to the place where we got Barney and we looked up his history which we should have done before we purchased him. When my dad looked at his history he was not impressed; he told my mam that Barney’s dad had been a fighter and was known for attacking people.

The following day my dad found a man and his wife who had a farm and they were looking for a dog. My dad gave them Barney and told them what he had done. They said that they were using him for a guard dog for their sheep so it didn’t matter. But one day barney attacked one of the farmers sheep killing it and the farmer heard what was going on and took out his gun and shot Barney. He died instantly. I’m so sorry Barney. We all are if we had of known he would have done that he would of never gotten you.

I know what you did was bad but we still love you even my sister does. You may be gone from sight but you will never be gone from my heart.
until we meet again. We will have a better start and
you will be a nicer dog.


With all our love,