Talla by Marie Robert and Paul / Mum Robert Paul and Sean

Talla Our Hero

Hello my name is Marie and I had at that time two black Labradors and a cross whippet. What I am about to tell you is a true story and my Labrador Talla is a true hero if ever there was one.

It happened one Tuesday morning about 4am when I was wakened up by the howling and crying of my dogs. I ran downstairs and to my horror I found my Ex husband holding Shadow, my cross whippet, as Talla had a choker chain on and they had been playing and Shadow’s leg had got wound tight round the chain, it was wound so tight Talla was choking to death.

I was terrified, if Talla had moved Shadow would have broken her leg and he seemed to know that. This went on for more than one and a half hours. I phoned the police they could not help, then I rang the firemen – they were brilliant, they had tools to cut, but Shadow panicked and bit my arm so I thought: “This is not going to work until we get a vet to sedate them first.”

Poor Talla, his tongue was nearly white, his eyes bloodshot. I thought I was going to loose him. He stayed calm and never moved the whole time. I know that he knew if he had moved an inch Shadow would have broken her leg, even in his life or death situation he stayed calm.

Finally the vet came, it seemed forever, she gave them a sedative and the men cut the chain and little Shadow got her leg free. When they came to, Shadow’s paw was all swollen and all Talla could do was lick her and he was crying and looking at me as if to ask “is she going to be ok?” and thank God they were.

Thanks to the bravery and the love of my Labrador Talla and the firemen. Shadow does not know it but Talla saved her life that morning as he risked his own. I thought he was going to choke to death and he will always be our Talla, our friend, our hero.


All our love Talla,
Marie Robert and Paul