Barney by Rebecca Noyes / Mom, Dad and your ‘Sister’ and ‘Brother’

I adopted Barney from PAWS on a Sunday afternoon. He was a big Maine Coon cat, but terribly skinny. First thing Monday morning I brought Barney to my Vet and it was determined Barney needed surgery. PAWS was contacted and Barney became Pet of the Month. PAWS (and Peggy) were wonderful to work with and both Barney and I truly appreciated all they did to get Barney well and feeling better.

When I picked up Barney from his surgery, he was purring…and what a purrer he remained. He had beautiful green eyes and a wonderful disposition. He and my other male cat became best buddies and if you saw one, you saw the other. Barney had a big loud voice and he used it a lot. My husband and I would laugh and mimic
Barney’s request for food or attention.

I noticed a while back, Barney was not looking well and took him to the Vet. Horrible news followed! Barney had cancer on his jaw. I took Barney home with pain medicine and continued to spoil and enjoy him. I finally made the decision Barney’s time had come as I didn’t want him to be in pain. I brought Barney back to the Vet for
his last appointment yesterday.

Barney brought so much joy and happiness to our home for 6 years. We miss him so much, but are happy for him to cross the Rainbow Bridge. I love you, will always be my special friend and protector!! And again, a special THANKS to PAWS and Peggy for saving Barney and making it possible for us to have him in our lives.


Thanks for the wonderful time together!!
Rebecca Noyes