Barney by Tracey Bruening / Mommy

I don’t know really how old Barney was but I marked his Birthday at Dec 29th 1996 because that was the day that changed both of our lives forever. I was 26 years old and I didn’t feel well from partying a little too much the night before. I knew that my roomate would be mad if I didn’t clean up so I went to rite aid to get some trash bags. I walked out and and I saw the cutest dog going up to everyone in the parking lot. People were ignoring him but I being the animal lover I am I called him to me. He wagged his whole body and gave me a kiss. He had no collar and was intact so I thought that either he jumped a fence or someone just dropped him off.

I walked over to my vet with him and they had never seen him before. I thought “I can’t take care of this dog” but there was no way I was leaving him out there to freeze. I tried to drive him to the humane society in Balt but I got there 5 min late and they were closed… I cried because I felt like I could not care for him and didn’t know what to do. But my roomates were great and showed be what to do.

I put up signs and ran an add in the Balt Sun looking for his owner. No one responded. So after two weeks I made him mine and named him Barney. Not a day went by that Barney wasn’t loved and cared for. I kissed him every morning and every night. I always thought he was lucky to have me. But now I know that we were lucky to have each other.

Thank you Barney for all you taught me about love and friendship.


I will always love you......
Tracey Bruening