July 14 1974 —– Nov. 1981

We got Baron as a six week old puppy in August of 1974.

He was kinda scrawny and with drawn not like the little Saint Bernard

water melons we had seen in the pet store at $395.

But he was inexpensive and my sister and I could pay the $75

after all our parents said we could have a dog if we were able

to pay for one.

Well that little puppy grew in to a true Saint.

And his life was much to short.

When he passed away I guess I never really wanted

to grieve his loss.

Well this weekend I adopted a Saint from a rescue and I guess the

grief that I’ve buried for 19 years came rushing up from

some deep hidden place.

The new guy I have is such a sweetie. He’s not demanding

he’s my gentle giant!

But thejoy and excitement that I had initially felt about getting him

has been replaced by a profound sense of sadness and loneliness.

I guess I feel some guilt that I’m replacing Baron

but I’mnot trying to replace him.

I’m trying to give a dog who wasn’t raised with love

and caring a good home.

I guess I’m trying to say good-bye to you Bear.

I miss you I’m glad you were in my life for 7 1/2 short years.

Thank you for the love and joy you gave me.

Thank you for forgiving me when I didn’t have time to

pay attention to you.

Please know that I love you and you will

never be replaced.