Bean by Liz, Tom, Ryan, Derek, Kerri Collin & Gramma / Liz

One morning in July I took Buddy our dog outside in the backyard for his usual romp. As he was investigating every tree and plant I heard a noise under the car. I slowly bent down to see what it was praying it wasn’t one of the skunks that liked to wander in our yard. Not knowing what to expect I was prepared to run but was relieved when all I saw was this tiny gray striped kitten. She was all legs and so thin.
I tried to lure her out but she acted more like a tiger than a kitten.

I ran in the house opened a can of tuna and grabbed a little bowl of water for her. I slid them under the car and she sniffed then literally jumped at the food growling while she gobbled it down. It was so funny. I guess she thought she was ready to take on anything if they got too close. It was a couple of days before she trusted me enough to get her in the house. I didn’t know how Buddy would react. I shouldn’t have worried.

Picture this tiny kitten not more than 10 weeks old growling up at a Black lab/ boxer mix. I had to laugh. I knew Buddy wouldn’t hurt her and he didn’t. He sniffed her, gave her a lick then went and lay down. Before I knew it the two of them were cuddled up on the couch like they’d always been the best of friends.

My daughter Kerri named her Bean and soon she was following Buddy everywhere, many times latching onto his tail hitching a ride. It wasn’t unusual to see her swinging on the end of his tail as she joined him in patrolling the house and running to the door when one of us came home. Her favorite thing was hanging on the couch watching the birds in the tree outside the window. She spent many hours lying in the sun trying to persuade them to come closer.

Bean became an important part of our family.
She was funny and loving. Queen of the house and not shy to remind us of that fact. Her passing was a shock to us all especially Buddy. He’d lost his co-conspirator and friend.

I know you were there to greet Buddy and Pete when they crossed over, ready to show him them the ropes while you wait for us.We love and miss you all…. until we meet at Rainbow bridge…


Forever in our hearts,
Liz, Tom, Ryan, Derek, Kerri Collin & Gramma