Lady by Allie / Momma

On December first 2005 we went to the shelter to get a beautiful tan and white norbottenspets dog. Her name was Misty but I changed it to Lady. Lady was the best friend I ever had she always made me smile. I loved her so much. She was there through thick and thin. She was very good at agility. She was beautiful and very friendly.
Her fur was so soft and shiny!

On January 11 she had 4 little puppies. I chose to keep a pup I don’t know why. The decision has caused me so much pain. I love her son, Jake, dearly but no dog will ever take Lady’s place in my heart.

On March 3,2006 we took Lady and 2 puppies to the same shelter Lady came from. Someday, Lady and I will meet again beyond the rainbow bridge. Lady I miss you and I’m sorry. I am Taking good care of Jake and I love him so.


Love Always,