BEAR by Judy Eblin / Mom, Dad, Charity, David, Chas,
Robb, Chelsey

Bear, was originally bought for my daughter Charity, she went away to college, and when she got out said she could not take him away from me now. Bear would wait for me at the front door no matter how long I was gone. He loved the snow, and my dad’s dog Buttons, and our cat Pepper which passed away at 13 years and Mama Kitty which we still have; then of course we have many cats outside and at times we think
he actually thought he was a cat.

He would bark at the water cup, when he needed water, bark at the bed when ready to go to sleep, sit up and wave if he needed to go outside or just wanted attention. His last few months he tried hard to survive and with no complaining or messes intentionally. He gave me a last kiss right before he left us, as to say Mommy it is o-k;( he was everyones boy.)

My son David was with him until he took his last breath. My dad made a wooden box for him to be laid to rest in; I asked GOD for a sign that Bear was o-k and that evening I saw a cloud that looked like a dog. I look now out the back door to see his little gravesite and say goodnight Bear Boy we all love & miss you! ( I could write forever about My Bear(Booboo)!!!!!!!


We love and miss you,
Judy Eblin