Bear by The Thornton Family

Where are You?
Where are you when I wake up?
You were by my bed since you were a pup
You’re not outside the bathroom door
Or your favorite place on the living room floor
Not in the kitchen on your “good boy” spot
Or begging for all the treats that you got
Not on the porch while I get the mail
You see me come back! You wag your tail
You waited patiently for me to come home
To get your favorite treat, a frozen bone
I know you’re in a better place
Where the sun shines on your unforgettable face
You can run and play like you used to do
But oh, how we miss you
So wait for me at the Rainbow’s end
Where we’ll be together, my old friend

~Donna Jean Chapman

Forever Young,

The Thornton Family


18, Sep 2002
The Thornton Family