Bear Dog by Sylvia and Tom / Mom and Dad


Best dog in the world, and he came our way.
We could see from the start, he was planning to stay.

Sweet and smart, and a watchdog was he;
No one ever guessed he’d never hurt a flea.

He’d be on the porch or running to meet us
Out on the driveway, to welcome and greet us.

Trips on the 4-wheeler he just loved to take,
He’d follow along–take a swim in the lake.

He was my protector wherever I’d go,
Daytime or night time, his love he did show.

He came to us trained; he knew lots of tricks,
“Sit!” “Speak!” “Shake hands!” He’d do quite a mix!

He kept on trying, as long as he could,
But then one day, he moved to the wood.

We didn’t know why, unless ‘twas to spare us
From seeing him struggle, and maybe prepare us.

For that sad day when he’d have to leave
To never return, and we’re left to grieve.

We’ll never forget him, that big, sweet Bear Dog!
But know he’ll be watching when we come along.

And he’ll run to meet us, like he did before,
At the Rainbow Bridge…back together once more.

How we loved you, Bear Dog!


In loving memory,
Bear Dog
16, Aug 2005
Sylvia and Tom