Bear & Fadamun

On Easter morning of 1991 my dog Bear had to be

put to sleep because he was so sick with the

equivalent of human heart trouble.

That sad morning I brought Susie my cat to the

vet to say good-bye to her companion Bear.

That morning I wished that I had enough money to give

Bear a Christian funeral.

The dog who had comforted after my husband abused

me and woke me when my apartment was broken into

I always wished I could do more than relieve his suffering.

Fadamun was my Arabian horse. He was born with

cataracks on one of his eyes. His owners were

professors at one of the Illinois Universities so the

vet school removed the catarack.

But Nolan and Carmen Armstrong couldn’t sell the

the colt. So they traded him to me because he

was afraid Fadamun’s half-brother would kill me.

The horse loved me. He trusted me.

The first time I rode him I was alone in the barn.

The saddle was to big and I was to short.

Fadamun just stood there. He was a great horse.

After moving to Colorado I found I couldn’t afford to ship

him there. So the little horse was given to Riding for

the Handicapped.

It was there he died. He slipped on some ice in the winter time.


Beth Sttohlquist and Elisah

Tom the Cat

Today marked a beginning to the end of Animal Cruelty when the

U.S. House of Representatives voted to stop it making it a federal crime.


Bear & Fadamun