Beau by Brad / Daddy, Mommy, Grandmommy & Rich

From the moment Beau entered our lives our family was changed profoundly for the better. Beau brought joy, comfort, friendship, and above all, unconditional love for his human companions…and his little Westie brother, K.C.

Beau lived a very happy and contented life for 14 ½ years. Unfortunately shortly before New Year’s of 2002 he started to have more aches and pains and within a short time he was diagnosed with Lymphoma. The day before Beau was to have his first chemo treatment he took a turn for the worse and I knew it was time for him to cross the bridge. His last night we slept together on the floor, in his favorite spot – actually he slept while I sat back and watched him all night long. Beau’s last act was to crawl closer to me so he could touch me with his nose.

Even though it has been 3 years I still wake up every morning and look to his spot. Beau and I had become like an old married couple… as a youngster he had to be touching me while we slept on the bed. Well by age 7 he decided that he needed his own space and moved to the floor. My Mom and Dad still talk to him every day. Mom goes out to their front porch where she and Beau used to sit and talk to each other. Dad goes to the back yard where he would walk Beau and he talks to him there. The profound influence that Beau had on my parents, my sister, and me cannot be told in short form… though all of you here know exactly what I mean. My Mom, not usually given to histrionic displays, used to love to pick Beau up and “dance” with him while she sang little ditties to him. My Dad would call at times just to ask if Beau could come over – I wasn’t part of the invite.

My sister brought a cute Westie puppy home a year after Beau moved in and while it wasn’t love at first site (Beau tried to eat him!) within a short time the two guys were inseparable. K.C. loved Beau and as Mom used to say, “He would follow Beau into the gates of Hades.”

As all of you could also do, I could wax eloquent about Beau for days but that’s necessary here. Everyone that has an Angel here undoubtedly can see a bit of their angel in the other wonderful angels mentioned in these pages.

As fate would have it, less than a year after Beau crossed the bridge, his little brother K.C. joined him. All four of us had the same thought…we knew that Beau would be there to show K.C. the ropes.


Always in our hearts,