Jake by Karen / Your friend Karen

My mom got a new puppy in August of 2001, and he was the cutest little thing… everyone wanted to come over and see him.

He was a lot of company, and he learned how to beg pretty fast. He could never get enough food. He begged her cat to play with him, and he would beg to go outside. It was funny because he begged for any and everything! He was also a big baby too. Whenever he got sick he needed constant attention, and he would need my mom to come feed him because he couldn’t get up. It was actually kind of funny because we knew this dog was so spoiled.

However, today just a few hours ago Jake was tragically hit by a car in front of our house. We got him to the vet shortly after, but he had already passed away. The veterinarian said that with his injury he did not suffer, and it was quick. We will all miss him dearly!


In loving memory,