Becky by Margie Warren / Mom

Becky came into my family’s life after several years of not having any pets. My children were young and asked if we could get a new pet. I was a single mom at the time and was somewhat hesitant and agreed. We went to our local pet store where they had kittens for adoption. I immediately connected with Becky and we brought her home that day. From that day forward, Becky brought us nothing but joy and happiness. Even in her older years, and on days she didn’t seem to feel well, she was so sweet. She never complained and continued to provide us with love and support. I will be forever grateful that Becky lived such a long life and eventually passed away from natural causes due to old age. We went through so much joy and sorrow together over the years and I will always remember how cuddly she was, especially as she began growing older. I will truly miss her and and I know a day won’t go by without thinking about my sweet “Becky.”


With Love,
Margie Warren