Beeba by Sarena / Sarena

Beeba the shyist cat in the house was my best friend even know he was shy. I loved him very much cause he was like the frendlylist one in the house as well. Later in the summer Beeba and my other cat had kittens, they had 5 of them 3 boys and 2 girls we sold them at 9 months Beeba was a bit mad but he didin’t really mind later after the kittens were gone about 3 weaks later he came to me upstairs and was really annoying me while I was doing my homework he was acting kinda *strange* he ran downstairs and looked at him he looked over destrest and dehydrated there was water in his bowland food but I didin’t know wat was wrong with him. well one day my mom and dad got seperated and beeba was missing later in the month I didin’t know wat happened to him and I miss him to much to think about were he can be but if he passed on then we will meet again in lifes gate way to live forever and ever
I miss you beeba and I
will never forget you


With Lots Of Love