Lucky by Sarena / Lucky

Lucky is my best friend and he is not gone yet!

But this is the place were I can express my sadness if my pet dies. I play with him every day:
one day when I was with my dad and sister I saw a little puppy under a truck and my sister went under and got him. His feet were bleeding cuz they were so cold he had frost bite on his pads of his feet and he was frozen like a ice cube.
We went home right away and gave him a warm bath. He loved to be in the house it was warm.
We put bandages, we got at the pet pharmasis and we put them on.
We love him very much and he was 1 week when we found him and we fed him mums milk from the pet store, he loved that stuff.
But now we feed him iams and he loves that too.
He is a very big dog now he was only as big as a cat when we found him now, he is as big as 5 feet high but he is a very frendly dog and never bites.
But when he passes I will tell you all.


Dingo by Sarena / Sarena

I miss you Dingo,I want you back.
You died too soon and to young. I wish you were back, I miss your little barks and wines.
I wish I could just hold you one more time, I want you back.

Dingo Died by a stomich burst, it happened when we were playing at the park with him.
I miss him to much, I want him back, I miss you Dingo :< But I will see you again Beyond Lifes Gateway and we can run free together and for always.  

Guinea by Sabbie / Sabbie

My guinea pig:

My guinea pig was a very loyle guinea pig, I didin’t really have a name for him so I just called him guinea.
He loved lettuce more than anyother food.
When he wanted atention he would be able to get out of the cage and come to me.
I loved to just watch tv and stock him with his brush and on halloween we used to say that he killed a mouse and eats meat.
But than say it was a joke some kids acshally belived it even when we told them it was a.
Well on Halloween guinea died by old age he was over the age that a guinea pig would ushally live he lived till 8 we barried him in the backyard and put a beautifull rock on top of his grave I go to it everyday and pray.

I know that I will see him again beyond lifes gate way in heaven and see him again till than I will just hope that he is safe and happy.


by Sabbie / Sarena Darn

My Prayer is that I want all my animals to be safe and
not to get sick and live a good full life.
And to the ones that needed to leave us behind that
I will never forget you and I will someday be with you
for always and we can run free together.


Darling by Dianna / Sweety,angel and your momy Dianna


Your sisters and I will always love you. Darling is a orange tabby cat with a lot of cuteness she doesn’t bite and love people well; she used to love people. Darling died by a car; she got out for a couple days but didn’t come home (she isn’t an outdoor cat). Somebody knocked on my door and he said that you cat was under my car and I hit it by accident. Darling had one litter of kittens but sold them 3 boys and 2 girls. I’m glad we sold them because the kittens would be wondering were she is. Sweety,Angel and I will never forget you and we will always love you. I guess this is good bye for now!(In the picture she is the on closes
near the door and you).


Beeba by Sarena / Sarena

Beeba the shyist cat in the house was my best friend even know he was shy. I loved him very much cause he was like the frendlylist one in the house as well. Later in the summer Beeba and my other cat had kittens, they had 5 of them 3 boys and 2 girls we sold them at 9 months Beeba was a bit mad but he didin’t really mind later after the kittens were gone about 3 weaks later he came to me upstairs and was really annoying me while I was doing my homework he was acting kinda *strange* he ran downstairs and looked at him he looked over destrest and dehydrated there was water in his bowland food but I didin’t know wat was wrong with him. well one day my mom and dad got seperated and beeba was missing later in the month I didin’t know wat happened to him and I miss him to much to think about were he can be but if he passed on then we will meet again in lifes gate way to live forever and ever
I miss you beeba and I
will never forget you


Kayla by Sarena / Sarena your best friend

A Loved One is not gone, until they are forgotten!
And to Live in the Hearts of those
left behind is to Live Forever and kayla you are not forgotton until you are forgotton but you will never be forgotton and we love you all until we see you again beyonds lifes gate way in heaven and we can run free and be together always


Toby by Sarena / Sarena And Family

Toby Was a loyal dog and really smart too.
He was a police dog and we took him in from the pound,we didin’t know why he was not that wise though, he would just lick anything he found or sniffed. He was a very happy dog cuz he had a girl friend and 4 puppies under our porch.
We new that he loved her but we needed to give the puppies and the mom back to the original owner.

We had some good times the family,Toby and I.
But one day my mom found him dead on the floor.
He died in his sleep, we took him to the vets and they said he died by old age,he was 10 when he died. I was very devastaited for him to be gone but one day will meet each other beyond Lifes Gateway and we can rome free and run together for ever and ever.