Belle LaRivee

Her name “Belle” comes from the legendary Disney princess. The word also means “beauty,” which is quite fitting because everything about this creature was absolutely beautiful, in both her physical appearance and personality.

The day we brought her home, in July 2004 was the best day of my life. She was scared and meowing loudly when we loaded her into the car, so my mom suggested I sing a song to comfort her. The first one that happened to pop into my head that day was “Belle” from Beauty and the Beast. And it was then that I had the idea of naming her after the movie’s protagonist.

She was my first and forever best friend, always there for me whenever I needed her. Her sweet purrs vibrating through her soft fur brought me comfort in times of distress. She had a way of knowing when I was sick of having a bad day and she’d always make her way up to my bed at night to comfort me. During her older years, she slept with me nearly every night, until she lost the strength to walk to the stairs. I will forever miss her sleeping next to my pillow, her sandpaper kisses, her loud and strong purrs during belly rubs. I’ll miss the way she aggressively meowed, demanding food or a belly rub. I’ll miss her incredible Sphinx pose, which not many cats know how to do. And I’ll miss the way she stared intently at us while we completed tasks such as wrapping gifts and organizing paper. Her eyes had a way of smiling at me, looking happy and proud. The first thing I always did whenever I got home was give her a big hug and tell her how much I love her. And I always will.

I’ll never forget you, baby. Thank you for everything. I miss you, I love you. Always and forever.

I’ll always remember you, baby. Rest easy.
Jackie LaRivee