Benji by Lori / Mommy

My dearest Benji,

I can’t believe you’ve left me. I knew you were getting older and wouldn’t be here much longer…but still I have an overwhelming sense of grief. You’ve been in my life since I was 11, and now 15 and a half years later, you’re gone. While 15 is a long time for a puppy, it’s not long enough. You’ve touched my heart, my mom’s heart, and for the 2 years my dad was alive after we got you, his heart as well. You were there with me through everything. You helped me get through my dad’s death, my surgeries and countless other little problems that maybe you didn’t quite understand, but would always lend an ear and cold nose to. You were always protective of me, I think even more so after dad passed.

You are my best friend and I so hoped I would never have to let you go. As I sit here with your various toys, the bed we brought you home in and the bed I got you for Christmas just this last year, I can’t help but have all my memories flood my mind and put me in a whirlwind of grief I never have known before. I miss going for walks, car rides. I miss the pitter patter of your paws on the kitchen floor, your cute little bark and weird yawn noises you used to make.

I miss the hugs and kisses, you sleeping next to me. If all the tears I’ve cried over the last two days could bring you back and make you young again, you’d be that little puppy I saw at three weeks old and instantly fell in love with when I layed on the floor and you crawled away from your mom over to me. You’ve been my best friend and I can’t wait to see you on Rainbow Bridge. We have a date at that bridge, and even though I don’t know when that is, I’m looking ever so forward to it…My mom and I told you there’d be the snow you’ve always loved, and I’d bring your favorite treats and toys with me.

We miss you dearly and hope that we did right by you. You sure did for us. You’ve touched our hearts and it hurts so much to let you go. I hope my dad found you and you two are having a blast. Give him a lick for me. Go frolic in your fields and snow and I’ll be along soon enough. Until we meet again my angel.


I love you with all my heart,