Benny by Linda / Mama


I miss you, little boy. I miss your happy face and beautiful liquid eyes. I miss you always being here for me and by me.

You were so very brave and good when you were sick. I’m sorry for everything you went through. I keep wondering why they didn’t know it was cancer until it was too late. Why? It was spring. The forsythia were in bloom. It was time to be alive. How could you be dying? It was like living in a nightmare. I wanted to take care of you as long as I could, but the time came when I knew I had to let you go. It was so hard. I held you in my arms and sang you a lullaby until it was over. You looked so peaceful. It was agony leaving you there, knowing I would never see you again.

My Benny – we had such a rough start when I first brought you home from the shelter. I thought I had made a mistake. I never dreamed how much you would come to mean to me and how deeply and long I would grieve for you. Thank you for the gift of your priceless devotion.


I love you,
30, Mar 2004