Bepe by Pauline & Rod. / Mummy, Daddy & Simba. xxxxxxxxxx

My darling Bepe,

I remember the day I first saw you I had come to buy a 6 week old puppy, but when I arrived I saw your little face at the window the breeder called me in and showed me all the tiny puppies they were very cute, but I couldn’t stop looking at you. You were 3 months old the last of the litter no one wanted him the breeder said, that pulled at my heart strings how could I leave you behind in my eyes you were perfect never mind about the puppies I said I had already made my mind up I wanted to take you home and I’m glad I did.

You were such a special dog Beps and I think we choose each other god knew I would give you the best care anyone could give and god you needed it my poor little baby boy when you were a year old we moved to Spain and you were kicked by a very cruel man, a couple of months later you developed a disease of the pancreas and diabetes we nearly lost you I was heart broken. I visited you every day and willed you to live you knew how much I loved you Beps and you weren’t about to give up after a week you were well enough to come home but after that you had to be injected with insulin every morning but you never once complained you were such a brave boy, but over the next 5 years of your life you went through so many painful tests and we went through so much heartache but every time you were sick.

You hung on to life and came bouncing back to us, but then the time had come Beps I guess you had given up the fight. We were away and we got that phone call and the words we never wanted to hear Bepe is dead we were devastated.

We miss you so much my baby but what hurts the most is that we didn’t even get to give you a cuddle or say goodbye but we hope your at rest now, my sweetheart, and free from pain and suffering. We will treasure your memories and you will have a special place in our hearts forever. Rest in peace, our special angel Bepe.


With all our love,
Pauline & Rod.