Bernie by Tara Bowyer / Love,


I can’t remember you that much.
I was so young when I got you
And I was so young when I lost you.
But I remember how I got you, you were in my play pen that one Christmas morning
You were my first dog I can remember.
I remember how you got too big for the house.
And how you could jump the back gate
And I remember how daddy brought you to a farm.
He told me I cold come visit you.
But he never brought me sorry.
I miss you even though I don’t really know you.
I’m 15 and I think that you are probably gone to heaven.
Do you remember me? I can’t remember that much about you.
We will reunite when I come to heaven to see you.
I hope you have met Spikes. He is up there, too.
I love you my old friend.


I cant wait to get to know you more,
Tara Bowyer