Spikes by Tara Bowyer / Love,


I wrote this poem for my little dog Spikes

I miss you

I miss the way your tail waged when i came in the door
I miss the way u licked my face to say thats play some more
I miss the way you kept my pillow oh so ever warm.
I miss the way you smiled at me.
I miss the way it was before you.

By Tara Bowyer

I can remember alot about you I remember how you got your name when I woke up one morning you were liking my face and your hair was all spiked up but it didn’t stay like that it went curly, and I remember the time you got sprayed by a skunk and slept with me and mommy had to give
you a bath in tomato juice.

You were my best friend when we moved I had to say good bye to you. I locked daddy out of the house. I cried all the way to the pound when we got there I made them give you a blanket to stay warm and some water then when they left the room I took you out of the cage and carried you out but daddy
made me put you back.

I’m 15 now it’s been a couple of years I never wanted to leave you and I came and visited you and you didn’t look happy you were wet and cold and your tail didn’t wag and you didn’t even come to me
I was so upset.

But when I moved and we got a beagle from the pound the lady said that you were put down I started to cry right there in the room. I asked why and they said you were too old. I cried for days even tho you had been gone for years And I was mad at daddy cause
he said you would be adopted.

I’m crying now thinking of you and writing this poem. I miss you so much you were there for me all the time no matter what. I have to beagles right now and I love them alot. But I talk about you with my friends who new and
those who didn’t.

I hope you now I miss you alot and am very sorry for giving you to the pound if there was anything I could have done I would have done it. I loved you so much and I wish you were still here with me but I no that you are with god in heaven playing with all the other dogs and you have
all the bones you want.

Ever since I gave you away It feels like a piece of my heart is missing. But I know that you are waiting for me you have the missing piece of my heart and when I come up to heaven with you, you will give it back.


I miss you and can't wait to see you again
Tara Bowyer