Berry by Melissa Olsen / I love you,


I wish I could see what it feels like to leave
and be able to say for sure if I hurt your feelings. Or realize that you were grateful to me for setting you free. To be rid of the pain that you experienced, to make a peaceful graceful exit, to find relief.

Did you meet up with Scott? Did Grandma meet you at the Rainbow Bridge?? Were you able to see little Sprout??? Or even Grandma Walker, Lote, Aline or Emma?

Did you say thanks to me or what a dirty trick. I can’t breathe now? Were you smothered in fear or graciously dear?
I miss my Ox, I miss my Floor Hound, I miss the way life used to be, before all of this tragedy.


Upsidaisy, Oxy Assy!
15, May 2006
Melissa Olsen