Betsie by Ellen McClamrock / Mama

Our journey began searching for a puppie that needed a good home; a white fluffy dog they said she was. When we got there there were two puppies left, a little boy who was black and brown, and Betsie who was a pure black lab. I immediately snatched her up because there were several others there looking for a puppy as well. At first sight we fell in love with each other. We took her to the flea market the same day and everyone was jealous, they wanted their own Betsie. She took to me right away, and followed me everywhere. She was my shadow, my companion, my protector. She was my precious angel straight from heaven. She became very ill in June 2006 and she went to heaven on September 15, 2006. I will always cherish the time I had with my Boo Boo, and will be waiting to see her in heaven when it is my time to go.


Love Always,
Ellen McClamrock