Bianca by Ted Porrazzo / Matty

She came into our home, still pink from birth
with very little white hair
as she stood in my brothers arms so scared,
I fell in love right there.

That little black nose, those ears so big
her eyes looking up at me
I pat her head and said hello
welcome to our family.

I remember her cries during the night
for someone to wake up and play.
It’s time to sleep. I told her
on a white puffy blanket she lay.

Those warm summer nights,
long walks and sitting on the grass,
your tennis ball you loved so much,
you always brought it back.

I had to put you in a new home.
I remember that I cried.
It was so hard to give you up that day.
My heart just died.

You were happy there I know.
My visits with you made me see
as you ran in the yard to say hello
to someone who once was your family.

You began to slow down
and started to grow old
little white dog that ran around
suddenly felt cold.

As I held you in my arms
the night that you had to go
I felt you slipping away
and I remember thinking no.

I wanted you to stay.
It’s not easy to lose a friend
and your eyes told me that you must go.
Your life came to an end.

So I said goodbye and held your paw
as I left you looked up at me
I love you “Bianca” were my last words
you were once my family.


An old friend,
December 2002
Ted Porrazzo