Jenny by Jeanette and Pat / Jeanette and Pat

Goodbye Jenny
Jenny is gone, how I miss her so
She was so sick, why didn’t I know.
I have this ache, knowing she is gone.
Hoping she’s at rest, want to sing her a song.
12 years of joy, that is what I’ll miss,
Rubbing her belly, giving her a kiss,
Seeing her hop when I walked thru the door,
I’m missing her so, will love her forever more.
She is nestled deep in my heart.
Her spirit lies within me, we will never part.
She is a part of the family I love.
Her spirit has soared to the heavens above.
And the pain will ease as I go thru my life,
With it’s heartache and pain, it’s joys and it’s strife.
And Jenny will be remembered, I will love her so.
I just wish she was here, that she didn’t have to go.
Rest in peace Jenny.


I love you my beautiful Jenny.
30, Dec 2002
Jeanette and Pat