Big Sis {Easter Hancock} by Suzanna / Cowgirl

The Old Mare

She stood for 40 years in my pasture,
A big rangy sorrel with white socks and a blaze.

She had a head like a hammer and was smart as
Any horse I ever knew. Hancock bred, cattle smart.
She could spin on a dime in her younger years.

She was my dad’s horse.
Sweet tempered and gentle, unless a cow was around.
The perfect babysitter, and a trusted friend,
I wonder how much money
he won on you old Girl?

We laid you to rest, in a corner of the pasture,
A cornerstone as your headstone.
As they covered you over I cried a few tears,
Before I could let you go.

I know that dad’s waiting’ old girl.
He’s standing’ at the gate right now.
Soon you will be riding under
God’s own Brand.

Suzanna Roberson 2002


With love,
Big Sis {Easter Hancock}
14, Sep 2001