Honey Boy Blue by Scott Puaa / Scottie & Mom

I think of you when I’m out on the deck
I thought of you when I passed the vet
Laying there, as we shared eye to eye
A prayer to God this wasn’t goodbye.

Spoonfuls of water to keep you alive
Waiting so long for the vet to arrive
Pill times became our very own space
The office at night, a warm comfy place.

A wrong diagnosis, and precious time lost
An xray too late, your life was the cost
A week of trust that you would get well
To alter the past, my soul I would sell.

A corner filled with blankets and ball
A wag of your tail that said it all
Must follow the light, as God called to you
Be healthy again “My Little Boy Blue”.


Miss ya Blue ...
Honey Boy Blue
30, Nov 2002
Scott Puaa