Biggles by Mandy Rankin / Mommy

Just to get started I am going through a divorce and so me and my dogs moved out on our own. Times when by and then one day Biggles got out and ran off. I didn’t think nothing of it cause he did all the time. So I went over to my mom’s house and did laundry and visited for awhile. Then my cousin and I went to my house to see if Biggles had came back up. He wasn’t there at the house and I turned and looked at my cousin and said I hope he isn’t dead. Cause he never stays gone that long. When I went to turn the corner to go the store I seen a dog lying on the side of the road and so I got out and looked and it was Biggles. I went crazy I couldn’t believe it at all. My cousin tried to keep me calm.

She just kept telling me that there is no way that he got ran over. Then she called her dad and I called my mom. I couldn’t leave his side. He was my baby boy. I had him every since he was a baby. My aunt had his mom and so I had been around him ever since he was born.

I miss him so bad. So my cousins dad brought a towel and covered him up and took him to my mom and dads house. My dad and uncle took him and buried him under the tree behind there house. Before they did that I walked out side and looked at him and gave him a kiss goodbye.

Then I closed his eyes and told him that everything is going to be alright and that I am going to be just fine. I miss really bad. He was always there for me. He loved bottle caps and he would bring them into the bathroom and put them in the bathtub and want you to play fetch with him. Then when we went to bed he would sleep down
between my legs and keep them warm.

I was a good dog. It took awhile for me to get us to the fact that he was gone. I just wish that I could hold him again and he lay and cuddle with me. But I still have his best friend and she does the something for me.


Love Always,
Mandy Rankin