Bingo by Vaughan and Anne Adams / Daddy, Mommy and brother Casper

Our beloved Bingo left us on Wednesday March 29, 2006. It had to have been the saddest day of my life. Bingo was so sweet and loving and had the best temperment of any animal I have ever been around. Bingo came into our lives shortly after we lost our son at age 20. Bingo was there to help my wife grieve and what a miracle he was. He was her constant companion, she talked to him all the time, he licked away her tears and gave so much emotional support to her. It was as if he knew why God put him in our lives.

Everyone who know little Bingie, fell in love with him. He was just that special little guy.
Our lives will go on but with a hugh void. We have spent two sad days thinking of him and recalling all the happy times we had together. Bingo had been to Montana, Las Vegas, Key West and most of the states in the south. He lived a full life. he barked at the bison in Montana, the wierdos in Key West and Las Vegas. He loved ice cream and chicken from Bojangles.

In his mid-life, he developed diabetes and this caused him some problems in his time with us. It eventually took his life. He developed cataracts and was going blind, so we had surgery for him to restore his eyesight so he could see to run and play. It was a wonderlife with him.
Bingo, we miss you so much and are happy we were by your side as your went to your final sleep. Our tears covered your body as we said good-bye. You were so loved and we know you realized that.

I want so much to talk to you again and hold you. We will all be together at the Rainbow Bridge and shall once again run and play. love each other, eat all the things that were bad for us and spend eternity together. Never forget the love we have for you.

Good-bye and eternal peace, Bings.


With all our love
29, Mar 2006
Vaughan and Anne Adams