Black Cat by Elaine

Black Cat”

I think of you and still I see
Your bright new face in the Christmas Tree.
So sweet so mean and loving too.
You knew the world turned just for you.

Your purr would wake me up at night
Insisting that I hold you tight.
I sheltered you inside my house.
You’d never even seen a mouse.

Yet every day you begged of me
“Please let me run let me be free.
I want to climb to catch a bug
and not just decorate your rug”.

And so Black Cat I let you go.
Oh little man I miss you so.
It’s God who pats your head each day
As you wait for me to come your way.

Still there is no need for sorrow.
You wait for me in some tomorrow.
The God I love looks after you
Until I get to Heaven too.



Black Cat
May 2000