Blackie by Natasha Perera / Natasha

You know you have the perfect pet
of that you know you’ll never fret
he’s there for you through good times
and always there through bad times
he always made you have cheer
and had a special bond, with no fear.

But then in one second and in a blink of an eye
he’s sadly left you there to cry
It’s not his fault, nor will it ever be
He wanted to stay with you, you’ll come to see.

They all tell you that you should move on
but how is that possible with an empty lawn
You think of him and you cry all the time
Isn’t death such a hideous crime.

Then you think of his pain and what he’s gone through/
and you realize that it was all for you.

You thank your beloved pet for what he’s done
and you realize he’s given you tons of fun
You miss him so much and you can never let go
he’ll always be there, you must already know.

He’ll always be there, where you put your right hand over
and you pray that he’ll be happy through a four leaf clover.

Hopefully he’s happy up there in the sky
so the truth is that you really haven’t said your last goodbye.

-In loving memory of Blackie, who lived life to his fullest, and passed on August 8th, 2004. He is loved by his Dad, Mom, Dimithri, Natasha, and his dog brothers Bijou and Snowy.


Forever loving you,
8, Aug 2004
Natasha Perera