Blade by Shane / Your Daddy, Shane

I miss you Blade,

Twelve years ago an angel came to me
Full of life and love, an orange tabby
You came into my heart and made yourself a home
In every fiber of your being, an angelic glow was shown
Unconditional love, you gave by the ton
I thought we had forever, me and my fur son
The years flew by as they usually do
Those wonderful days with Quincy, Dudabug and You.
The days marched on, days into years
Soon from my dry eyes out would flow the tears
A sudden illness, it caught us by surprise
My greatest fear I did soon realize.
That evening, I’ll always recall
I came home to find you, not doing well at all
I held you tight as we went for care
And tried to wipe from your eyes, that distant stare.
Test after test after test we ran
Trying to find what was at hand
The Doctors were all puzzled
We didn’t understand
For a few days at least, you were feeling better
Only for more test to run and more storm to weather.
And as your little body gave way, your spirit held strong
For three weeks my Blade, you held on
During this time of medication and test
Your glorious personality never did rest.
June 22, 2007 was the day you let me know
That it was our time, for me to let you go.
As I prepared to make that decision, the one I knew I’d regret
You had one more act of kindness, one more blessing yet.
In one final act of courage, you spared me that decision to make
As it was you that decided, when your last breath to take
That’s just like you, so courageous, so loving, so smart
Even in your last breath, you were more worried about my heart.
And then the silence……… it was abound
I just wanted to hold you tighter but my knees hit the ground.
I shook and I cried from a place deep inside me
My God no! I’ve just lost my orange tabby..!
I don’t even recall that drive home
How I got there, its beside me
I just remember being alone
Me and my empty pet taxi.
Those first few days without you were just a blur
Because around each corner there was no orange fur.
There is now a void in our life as you are not home
Twelve years together, one month since you’re gone.
I miss you my ole boy, you know that I do
I’d give my next ten years for one more with you.
And Quincy doesn’t use the window perch anymore
As it was built for two
Seems she would rather lay on the floor
Than to perch without you.
I know our days today are sad
And they may last that way for awhile
But I know one day soon
I’ll think of you and smile
Thank you, my ole boy, for choosing me to care for you
I hope you realize, I did the best that I could do.
In my life, I suppose in time
New paw prints will be made
But in my heart, none will replace
The paw print left by my Blade.

I love and miss you my Blade.


I'll never forget you my Blade , with all the love in the world,
22, June 2007