Blaze by Vanessa L / Vanessa

About 6 years ago I moved to a little town in Ontario. One day I got off the bus (I was 13 or 14) and saw a little pony standing in my neighbors yard. I was so excited I ran over to my neighbors to see the pony. I jumped a bit when I saw her eyes which one looked infected and the other was all white. She was skinny and began walking in circles. I was still happy that a pony was living right beside me. I went there everyday. I lead her around hey new home so she wouldn’t run into anything. A year past and the neighbors lost interest in her. So I essentially took her on.
I fed her and cared for her.

She was my baby. When my little sister was about three, she learned to sit on Blazes back and keep balance, she also learned how to lead Blaze. Blaze and I formed a thick bond. She trusted me and would call for me. Even though she was blind she still followed me around. She craved attention and gave everyone a chance. Prior to her home with me, I believe she was with an abusive family and that is why she is blind. While she was with me she recovered as much as an old pony can and was well taken care of.

My baby passed away on the 17th of May. May she rest in peace. I love you Blaze and you will always be in my heart. We shall meet again. Blaze is buried under some shady trees. A garden will be planted on her grave. She runs in a field of endless green with my other pets and family members who have went on without me.


Vanessa L