Blueberry & Cleopatrea by Danielle / Mommy Danielle Osborne

When I first got you I thought oh they’re so precious. I was so happy to have a kitten to my self. Well I grew up so slowly and you grew so quickly one year. I went to build a bear and I bought a bed for bears stuffed ones, but when I came home one day you guys were laying in it. I thought well how precious I should get the camera. I took alot of pictures of you. I spent my whole life with you so. I finally had to move you out cause you made scratch marks on my floors. Well I went to get my identification card so we were thinking of going on a plane ride to go to Florda. I always called all the time to see if my babies were okay. Well finally we were getting ready to leave the airport and then I heard they cancelled the airplane flights and then my granmpa called us and he said my cats were gone. I cried for months knowing that right now I am 9 years old and I lost them this year and it is 2006 and I’m am still crying!


I love my babies,
Blueberry & Cleopatrea