JC by Francine / Mommy

JC was my 17th birthday gift. He was a masculine cat with a tough attitude. He loved me as I did him. We were inseparable. He was with me through many challenges my life gave me. Every time I was upset he would lay with me. Well, it is now 2006 and he came down with Kidney Failure, he was 19 years old. Sadden as I am, for 4 months I have treated him like royal with fluids 3 days a week. Unfortunately I had to let him go because the fluids weren’t helping him eat and made him weak. I am sad, guilty and scared because he is who I came home to. I wish I didn’t have to make such a decision but his life was no life to lead. I didn’t want him to go without dignity. I will always love him and care for him
while he rest in peace.


May JC fogive me and rest in peace,