Bo by Michelle Penner / your little sister

I will never forget the day my heart dropped. My dad called me about my dog Bo had an immune problem, and the only thing keeping him alive was shots. Too many people dogs are just there to be there, but to me but was like a brother. I had him since I wad 7 years old. He wasn’t an old dog at all. As I go the call tears came like rivers and weren’t going to stop anytime soon; my mom heard me crying and then cried, too. My step-dad was just in shock and couldn’t believe it.

I had the roughest night of my life. I cried my self to sleep. I woke up the next morning and no calls were on the phone I got ready for school. The whole day he was on my mind, when I return from school no messages were on the phones I thought maybe he was fine.

I called my mom in joy but soon my heart blew up. Bo died this morning, the words I didn’t exactly wanted to hear from my mom, salty tears came running down. I just wanted to be left alone at that point, as I was alone I fell to the floor and balled until no more tears came out. I had to be strong and so I stopped after awhile. My dad and came to pick me up.

We went to the vet. They gave my dad his blue collar his smell was still on it. Then it hit me I am never going to see Bo, never chasing more rabbits, never coming up to the fence. I wanted to cry but I hold back the tears. I got home and cried in the bathroom but I had to be strong for me and my dad. Bo wasn’t just a dog to me, he was brother. I just didn’t lose a brother I lost a best friend. My heart will hold all the memories and his face will be glowing in it. I miss you bo and I wish you were here!
I will always love you


No can be replace you,
Michelle Penner