Bo by Theresa Johanning / Bo’s best friend: Theresa

Too Soon To Say Goodbye

You were just a little pup when we brought you home, and how you cried throughout the night
not wanting to be alone.

Soon you were as frisky as any pup could be chewing on the furniture, making messes on the floor. You grew up to be a lovely dog and we loved you so. But the years flew by so quickly and then it was time to let you go. You brought us so much happiness, you were the very best. We only had you seven years which isn’t very long, then something in your little body went so terribly wrong.

We’ve put away your chewed up toys, it hurts to see them there, strewn across the floor or lying on the chairs, and to know, dear Bo, you’ll play with them no more. And how you loved to play! You liked running out the door to chase the birds away. And you liked to tease the cat who just didn’t want to play. Oh, Bo, how we wish you could have stayed.

Sometimes I see you in my dreams, I awaken and want to cry. You had been snuggled close, asleep against my side. For a while you had been with me and you had not died. It broke our hearts to see you leave and, oh, the tears we’ve cried. I ache to hold you close to me but I know it’s not to be. You were so ill, the time had come, we had to set you free.

It was a joy to to have you as my loyal friend,and you were by my side until the very end. We put you to rest by the flowering shrub, we shed our tears and professed our love, and then we let you go.

Someday we’ll meet on Rainbow Bridge,
a heavenly place where all dogs go,
I’ll be with you Bo, that much I know.
Goodbye, my friend, I love you so.


In Memory of our loving Bo,
10, June 2005
Theresa Johanning