Scooter by Dawn / Mommy

I never dreamed June 5, 2005,
that day, I’d watch you die.
14 years you were my life.
It’s like someone cut my heart out
and did it with a dull knife.
My life is so empty now.
I don’t know the meaning of life.
Companion and friend, I loved you to the end.
I didn’t know you would go so fast.
Peaceful and silent like a bad dream.
I begged you not to go away.
Your hair stood straight up down your back.
You were gone, no coming back.
Our fishing spots are black.
Your swimming holes are cold.
The love we had, my heart does lack.
What I wouldn’t give to have you to hold.
In Loving Memory Of My Dog Scooter.
I Will Love You Till The Day I Die.

October 28, 1990—June 6, 2005

“There are two things in life that
you don’t get rid of~your Harley
And your Dog!


Love You Always,
6, June 2005