Bob by The Gatrell’s / Tisa

Bob… god do I miss you. I miss your meow, your cuddles, they way you looked at me. The softness of your furr, the gentleness you possessed. You were an angel to me.

The belly rubs, the playfulness, the cute rolls, the “cute” look you did when you knew you were being silly. You were the perfect cat and I will never own another cat like you.

You would always lay with me and we took naps together almost everyday. You flopped in our arms with love in your eyes. You were so smart too.

You behaved, listened and obeyed to us. Of course you were curious and silly, but thats why we loved you. You waited for me to come home from school every single day.

I would open that door and there you would be sitting so gracefully waiting for me. You knew when I came home, and you just couldn’t wait for attention after a long day by yourself.

You were the first cat I ever really liked. You weren’t like any other cat. You loved your belly rubs. I miss sharing our breakfast together almost every morning.

You would help me eat my bagels and cream cheese, or my cereal. You loved that every morning, and so did I. I miss all the memories I have of you and us.

I can’t say how much I love you, because it’s endless. I miss you so much. You were my angel. I will love you forever and always remember you. You’ll be in my heart forever.


You're my angel,
11, June 2004
The Gatrell's