Sydney and Ginger by Tisa / Tisa

My piggies, I miss you. You both were special to me, and I still think about you two all of the time, and miss you alot. You two were different and had personalities of your own. You two were so close. I’m still not surprised you passed within 2 weeks apart.

Sydney- You were my favorite at first. You loved to be cuddled and held, and were calm and relaxed. I loved brushing your big nose, and giving you kisses. Laying in my bed with you, or having you lay on my shoulder like you always did. I will miss you..

Ginger-You were my baby girl. You loved to give kisses. You were so shy at first, and took awhile to warm up to me and all of us. You were like the “little sister” of Sydney. I loved playing with your ears, they were so soft. You squeaked so much but I miss your squeaks now. We got a lot closer after Sydney passed. I will miss you too.

You two were my baby girls. I love you both & miss you….


R.I.P my baby girls.
Sydney and Ginger
Apr 2005