Bogart by Mags Roberts / mum


Proud & handsome, you sat tall.
An angel sent, loved & adored.
Days spent sleeping & at play.
Great joy you brought everyday.

Hiding things for us to find.
Strong & independent was your mind.
A loving spirit with eyes of gold.
Not scared or timid, you were bold.

To many memories to name.
Shadows was a favourite game.
Bath time could be such fun.
With hours drying in the sun.

Now I need to tell you this.
I’m sending you a little kiss.
In my mind I see your face.
Butterflies you now chase.

The time has come to say goodbye.
Joy & sorrow are tears I cry.
My baby for so many years.
Fly freely Mr B & have no fears.


I miss you more with every day that passes
22, Apr 2003
Mags Roberts