Bogey by Stephanie / Stephanie

I wasn’t even born when we first got Bogey from the pound. He was so tiny my mum said. And when I saw him in photos last year, I saw that it was true. He was so lovely. As soon as I was born and brought back home, he was about two years old at that time, he came right up to me, sniffed me over and decided I was good enough. We then became inseparable friends.

Every day I would come home to him after school, and we’d play. His favourite game was tug of war. He had tons of toys, we celebrated his birthday every year with presents wrapped up and a nice big chocolate birthday cake. He loved it! He actually DID blow out the candles most of the time. He even got easter eggs, christmas presents, and he got sweets on halloween too. He loved all the attention he received.

He would never harm a fly. Not a one. He was the kindest and most gentle dog I have ever known. Once, he was out in the garden playing around when he spotted a butterfly. He walked over slowly and caught it in his mouth. He then for the next half hour, jumped around the garden with it, finally, opening his mouth and letting
it fly away unharmed or anything.

A couple moments later, it came back and landed on his nose when he was sunbathing. He just looked at it and went to sleep. I found this funny. He was so great. I really do miss him a lot.


With tons of love and kisses,