Bojo by Rick and Rita Dubik / Mom and Dad and Teri

Bojo was a pet my daughter had taken in back in 1990, in 91 she had decided to move to Arkansas at that time she was unable to take the dog with her so she had asked us to take her in. She was a an adorable pup..Very playful and lovable. She tried to be a mother to every dog we brought in to our house, which was many . She was always the mother to all of them. She didn’t have a mean streak in her little body. She was full of love and kisses to everyone that would except them.

She was never a sick dog. Never had to be seen by vets except for the usual check ups. So to have lost her so unexpected was really a hard thing to go through we have lost three dogs in a period of two years.

Over the years of aging it had taken her hearing but she knew when it was time to go out by the stampede she felt on the floor by the other dogs, she was always ready to go out when the other dogs were ready she sensed it was time to be outside. After loosing her hearing she was still just as lovable but harder to get her attention to give her the love that ya wanted to give to her. She was so wonderful with he grandkids and just was always lovable and wanted to be in someones lap, and with the four grandkids around all the time she had gotten plenty of love while she was here.

For a week before we had to have her put down she was feeling pretty bad she was sick she couldn’t eat or hold anything down, took her to the vet to discover she had kidney failure and it was taken her quickly from us. So in stead of allowing her to suffer we had to have her put down she was a wonderful dog and didn’t deserve to suffer none. She lived a wonderful happy spoiled life for 17 years. Which is a long time for a dog to be with a family that loves them so much, so you can only imagine how heartbreaking it was to have to decide that faithful decision but in the end I know she is much happier know with the other pets of ours over the years we have lost..


You are a wonderful caring loving dog and will be missed dearly, and one day we will all be together again.. You will always be in our thoughts and our hearts, we love you and miss you dearly..


With Love,
Rick and Rita Dubik