Boo Boo

Oct. 1 2000

On Sunday Oct. 1 my Life and my Love Boo Boo

passed on to be with the Angels. I do not know how I can bear this pain.

He was my life! He was around 14 years old.

He was a stray that wondered up to our home and stole my heart.

He was a diabetic and recently was diagnosed with chronic Kidney Failure.

On top of that he developed MegaColin and was to the point I was bringing him

to the vets once or twice a week. I had him on every imaginable type of Herbs,

Lactose and was making a special high fiber diet.

All this began to fail so the vet recommended the surgery to remove

most of his colin. This was done Wed.

He came out of the Surgery Fine and thought everything was going to be o.k.

I visited him at the vets yesterday and we shared nose rubs and I told him

how much I loved him. The vet came in this morning and he look lethargic.

She was running some blood studies when he went into Coronary failure and died.

She was there with him and nothing else could be done.

As I said this pain is unbearable and know that only time will help.

I know God has a special place for him and I am looking forward to the day I can

be there with him and everyone and pet will be there too.



Boo Boo