Boo by Janine & Jonathon / Mummy & Daddy

We knew about you before you were even born. One of Jonathon’s pupils said her cat was having kittens and he told me that we could maybe get one or two. I was so excited. We went on holiday and talked about you lots even though we’d never even met you. When we got back we had a call to say that you had been born – 25th May 2003 – the same day as our anniversary.

We came over to see you when you were just three weeks old. Your mum, Lily, was a beautiful semi-longhaired and she had made such cute little babies we fell in love with you immediately. Your sister was like a little dumpling – fluffy and brown with white bib and paws. She couldn’t walk ever so well and was comical to watch.

You were so tiny you fitted into the palm of my hand and I stroked your tiny wee head with my little finger. Your nose was grey and your little whiskers quivered when you squeaked your little miaows.

We sat and cuddled you for a while, wishing that we could take you home with us right away but you still needed milk from your mummy so we said bye bye and drove off full of happiness, knowing that we had found perfect pussycats to live with us and
be our family.

It was a fantastic day when we collected you and your sister, aged six weeks, and brought you home in the blue basket. You curled up together and slept the whole journey – we never heard
a peep out of you.

Back at the house you tentatively explored – chasing each other under the table and sniffing all the strange, unfamiliar furniture. We wanted to watch you every minute of the day because you were just the cutest kittens we’d ever seen.

You slept downstairs together the first night on a cushion under the table where you’d played, but after a day or two we moved your bed to the landing so that you could be closer to us.

Those first few weeks were a real learning experience for us – we cleaned up your little accidents, cuddled you, fed you, worried about you when we had to go out, and vowed never ever to hurt you.

When you were 8 weeks old you had your first vaccinations – you coped admirably – the vet said you were sweet little cats. We couldn’t have agreed more.

At 10 weeks we had to leave you at the cattery because we went on holiday. It was upsetting saying goodbye to you but we knew that you’d be well cared for. We were only apart for seven nights but we missed you and were so pleased to collect you. You’d grown a lot, even in such a short space of time, but you were still your usual playful kitten-selves.

We made up a song about you both –
‘Badger and Boo are playing…’ and
sang it all the time.

You started to get more adventurous and explore more and more of the house so we knew it was only a matter of time before you would be playing outdoors.

After all your shots we began taking you in the back garden and watching you tumbling about in the grass and flowers.
You were so funny.

Each day you ventured further afield – it was scary for us, but we knew that you couldn’t be locked up and we were just relieved and thankful when you came trotting back home after each adventure.

We decided to have both of you spayed because we didn’t think it would be fair if one of you had a litter and the other didn’t, so we took you to the vets and brought you home the same afternoon wearing funny little ‘lampshade’ collars. You didn’t like that at all but you soon got used to it.

At Christmas we bought you a stocking with treats in it and you helped us wrap the presents and decorate the tree. We thought that you’d wreck it in five minutes but you were both good as gold and
didn’t bring it down.

In the new year we had a heavy snowfall – unusual for where we live – and you both loved being snowcats in the back garden.

Last month we had to leave you again for a week when we went on holiday – we brought back two little alabaster kittens just like you and your sister. They sit on top of the television. We worried about you of course when we were away from you, but as ever you’d been fine
at the cattery.

Spring arrived and you began hunting. You brought back birds, mice, shrews and Badger brought home a frog. It was frustrating clearing up the mess but I was never angry with you because you were only doing what nature intended.

When May arrived we began thinking about your approaching birthdays – we’d fed you milk and kitten food throughout most of your first year and as your birthday drew nearer we would say ‘You’ll soon be big grown up cats and have to eat grown up cat food’. You began to look more like grown up cats, but you were still tiny and cuddly like kittens.

I foolishly thought that when you had your first birthday you would suddenly be immortal – safe forever – but all the time you were a baby I worried about you.

We lost you this weekend just gone – you were three days off your first birthday and your death broke all our hearts. It was such a shock to hear the news that you’d been taken from us so cruelly, when we’d planned to pamper you with treats in a few days time.

We have cried so much for you and I can’t believe that you’ll never be here again to play and cuddle and hunt. You truly were a special cat – we feel so sad for your sister, Badger, who has lost her
little tabby sister and playmate.

Tomorrow – the day of your birthday that you’ll never see, we are collecting your ashes in a little casket so we can take you with us if we ever leave this house.

It’s strange to think that on Friday I held you at bedtime and told you I loved you, Saturday you went out to hunt as usual and a few hours later you were gone. I keep wishing you hadn’t gone out at all, but you loved it outside and were happiest when you were hunting.

I know you were a happy little cat right
until the end and I know that
we’ll never forget you.

Badger misses you and keeps looking for you – she has slept in bed with us for the past two nights because she is lonely without you to curl up next to.

If only we could turn
back the clock…

If I could just see you and hold you once more…

If I’d known eleven months ago that you’d be an angel before you were one year old, I would still have brought you home because you gave us so much love and joy while you were here.

Sweet dreams baby Boo…you’ll always be a baby now.

God bless your little heart.


With love,
Janine & Jonathon