Boo by Rose Reedy / From Rose

We adopted you from the Animal Shelter
when you were 2 years old.
Your coat might have been dark brown,
but your heart was pure gold.
You were a great companion
to the family until that
one tragic night on a cold Monday.
That was the night you got taken away.
Since you’ve been gone
we’ve shed so many tears.
It sucks because we’ve only had
you in our life for only 6 whole years.
Since you’ve been gone,
it’s been kind of tough.
To me, only 8 years
is not long enough.
We’re going to miss
the sound of your bark.
And how you used to ride in the car,
and taking you out on walks to the park.
When you died, you were only 8.
But when it’s our time to go,
you’ll be waiting for us patiently
at the gates.
We loved you and you loved us,
’til the end.
But you weren’t just a member of our famliy,
you were also a faithful friend.


You were a good girl,
23, Jan 2006
Rose Reedy