BooBoo by karen stephens / Mammys Karen & Liz

You came into my heart so cute and full of joy.
You whispered to my heart you’d never say goodbye.
I wonder why it happend why you dissappeared that nite and then I think of all the love I felt when I kept you by my side. Your tinkling little nose that sparkled with such fun and those percious little eyes that made you want to run. How I’m going to miss you.

I’ll cry when you’re not around, sweetest little nudge that made me look to the ground. Your tiny little cry that said “Hey I’m over here” and then to pick you in my arms and melt away your fears. I’ll miss you my little guy and I know I’ll have to try to keep my heart remembering and never say good bye. Sweetest love forever when I look to the sky seetest love forever.
Let’s never say goodbye.


I'll miss you soo much my baby boy,
17, June 2002
karen stephens