" Boogie "

12 / 91 --------- 12 / 5 / 97



Many years ago there was a pet place

And within a cage too small for it

I spied an animal with an unhappy face

On impulse I took her and her face alit


I called her Boogie for the way she

Moved and jumped about from the start

A happier animal I never did see

This ferret really capured my heart


For years upon years she was my friend

There through the trials of my life

But good things must come to an end

Boogie moved on adding to my strife


I know she lived well and with aglow

For a fleeting time we are now apart

From that little cage so long ago

To forever trapped within my heart


With Love and Adoration for You Boogie

Thank you for being my friend for all these years...I'll see you again my

little girl